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How many times have you been deceived by fake SMM companies who never kept their word? For a lot of occasions, perhaps. They should have promised a lot of big things in their sales proposal, putting into use words such as Quality score, FB pixel, lead generation, remarketing, Cost Per Acquisition, Custom Audiences, and the like. 

Certainly, such marketing jargon might have astounded you.  Indeed, it’s normal to be overwhelmed in a positive manner when a company utilizes marketing jargon like this. 

Anyone will begin to believe their potential (concealed as promises) since they have an idea of what they are doing. However, concerning performance, what they will do is brag about reach, boost posts, and run page-like advertisements. 

Or what they do is more like posting content or do community engagement. But social media is way beyond all these activities. 

A skillfully carried out social media strategy can wholly alter your brand identity and build a fanbase of loyal followers. Merely by reading or having a knowledge of the theory of social media marketing it’s impossible to implement SMM. 

The proper practice of the plan needs specialized skills, having a flair for design, and perceptive abilities. It’s vital to build a social media strategy that adheres to your goals and the general digital marketing vision.

Owing to that, picking the best Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai can be daunting, particularly when you want to measure their potential from the scarce knowledge you have regarding them. Therefore, if you never hired a social media company before, this blog post will come to your rescue. Imagine these tips as the foolproof checklist to narrow down the right fit for your business. 

Are They Eager to Know Your Business Objectives?

What makes a good SMM company different from an average company is its strong desire to understand your business objectives.  A competent Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai would try to learn more about your business and goals. On the other hand, a general package on a monthly basis, without a strategy having a predetermined retainer charge. The key point to be remembered here is to learn your specific objectives and builds a social media proposal that matches your needs. 

Prioritize ones that mail you questionnaires and professional briefing forms as they imply business. If you find generic agencies having a readymade marketing strategy, then consider it as a red signal and steer clear of them.

Is Your Brief Clear to Them During the Pitching Process?

Prior to googling something like” best Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai”, research a bit to make your SMM company searching process effortless. 

To make things easy for you and the agency, create a professional brief. Like this, it will be simpler to note your objectives, brand guidelines, goals, and more. 

After preparing the social media brief, mail it to the company plus an RFP. They should send you a strategy and sales proposal within a certain time frame as set by you. 

This will go a long way in doing a good job in building a strategy. Find if the company managed to learn your brief after the proposal is sent to you. If the SMM company fails to understand a clear-cut brief and offers you a proposal having general ideas, it’s better to stay away from them.

What Demonstrable Case Studies Do They Have?

Prior to giving the company a buzz, learn if the company has any evident experience when it comes to social media. Trusted Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai build case studies to educate prospects regarding their capabilities. 

If the company is abstaining from showcasing their case studies on their webpage, then something can be wrong. They neither have any phenomenal social media projects nor are active enough to prepare one. 

A few companies don’t showcase their case studies on their website in some cases. If so, then request them for the social media accounts of their clients prior to getting in touch with them. 

To Gauge Social Media Growth What Social Media Metrics and Key Performance Indicators, They Use?

A strategy is incomplete without quantifiable Key Performance Indicators. Owing to that, the prospective Social Media Marketing Service provider should have a list of Key performance indicators that they will gauge. Be mindful that the key performance indicators they prefer will be greatly influenced by your brief. 

You will make their decision to choose the Key performance indicators, wiser if you outline your briefing document in a clear and concise manner. The KPIs are to be agreed upon at the beginning of the contract and tracked on a monthly basis. 

Have They Dealt With a Niche or Industry Similar to Yours Before?

Picking the Best Marketing Agency in Dubai is somewhat similar to hiring an employee. Employees with extensive experience in the said industry are every time quite desirable.

However, often the right fit might lack the exact industry experience you’re seeking. In such as case, find out if they have proven experience in businesses just like yours or have the same business model. 

Case in point, suppose you’re a financial services marketer, look for companies that have experience partnering with currency exchange houses, financial products, etc.

A few SMM companies may be specialized in a specific sector, which makes it more possible for you to sign up with that company. The social media specialists use this specialty to learn your business’ strengths and weaknesses so that they can build strategies to aid you to persist through the low periods of the year.

What is the Scope of Their Work?

Ensure you and the agency have a clear understanding of the scope of work before you sign the contract. There is a tendency for businesses to hire companies with general social media management positions, making the line between responsibilities less distinct.

Therefore, you must review every aspect of the monthly deliverables beforehand. Just a handful of social media companies provide the services as mentioned underneath:

  • Strategy creation 
  • Graphic designing
  • Planning posts
  • Finding and documenting target demographic
  • Preparing content
  • Suggestions for betterment and growth
  • Preparing Copy 
  • Remove spam content and blocking unseemly users

Being an entrepreneur, it’s your privilege to get the best value for your money.

Owing to that, see to it that you get the majority of the boxes ticked to lower the burden on your staff. 

Establishing clear expectations at the start is also important in order to avoid surprises.

A company that will abandon you at the wrong time is not one you want to join.

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Based in Dubai, PromptTech Solutions is the Best Social Media Agency in Dubai, specializing in custom software development, website development, digital marketing, mobile app development, and outsourcing. From its establishment, we have progressed industry standards by working closely with the topmost technology providers and creating the POS software Dubai to address the challenges of the businesses. Through an intuitive UI, agile operations management, and bespoke reporting characteristics, businesses be it restaurants, salons, laundry will be able to enhance the productivity of their operations and render the ideal customer experience. 

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