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Van Sales Software fuels the Direct Store Delivery transportation functioning, which is usual in quick-paced consumer goods industries, in which the omnichannel customer takes the initiative in deciding how something should be done. They are knowledgeable, quite insistent, astute and frugal while having no tolerance and time to linger.

Then comes the supplier as well as the retailer. They have a complicated relationship driven by self-interest and filled with distrust of possible data-sharing with rivals. On the other hand, both the supplier and retailer have not every time been on good terms, recently they have realized that partnership is the right means to convince the inaccessible customers. 

What Direct Store Delivery can do for Your Business

The best instance of this unique partnership between the supplier and retailer is the Direct Store Delivery model, a new and popular trend in the fields of grocery, foodservice, and beverage. Time is of the greatest importance for perishable products, understandable expiry details, regular turnover, in which freshness is necessary as well as replenishing or retailing is recurrent. 

In the case of Direct Store Delivery, the supplier transfers cargo straight to the store, in the absence of a warehouse middleman. Fundamentally, the pickup truck and depot are the same. Additionally, the manufacturer takes on the charges and duty of managing inventory, shipment, retailing, and reserving labour. 

And the good thing is that one and all are a champion at camp Direct Store Delivery. The process can scrimp millions of money all over the whole supply chain by enhancing the means the goods are reserved, marketed, dispensed as well as marketed. It is a beneficial circumstance for retailers, clients, and manufacturers. 

Retailers: Direct store delivery saves you from all the troubles and expenses of item ordering, replenishing, marketing as well as cycle counts, saving costs and money for client-centric sales efforts. 

This gives retailers grave growth possibilities as capital investments, as well as operating expenses, diminish and client contentment and rate of return boom. 

Manufacturers: Direct Store Delivery turns considerable authority over to the supplier, showing up at the retailer often sufficient to get faster intuition to the things popular and that aren’t and to fine-tune inventory as well as merchandise at larger volumes. Assigned with ordering, retailing, and rack assignment, the merchant immediately makes a difference to the sales method, enhances product compliance, as well as attains quicker speed to market.

Customers: With suppliers and retailers functioning together, the hard to please client takes delight in unwithered food, better options, suitable items with more accessibility, and prompt publicity that address their local lifestyle. 

Van Sales Software in UAE For Direct Store Delivery 

Looks so great or impressive as to be difficult to believe? Then, here is the problem. The above-mentioned facts depend on the potential of the merchant’s Van Sales Software in UAE. To completely get an edge from the Direct Store Delivery and optimize the van sales in the mobile-first business milieu, the dealer should have an adaptable and all-inclusive route accounting system. The solution should connect in the field sales, managing of inventory, billing, fund collection attainable on any smartphone and integrated with the Enterprise Resource Planning system of the organisation round the clock. 

Optimising sales, distribution and finance need a comprehensive and scalable van sales system, quick enough to back sales and distribution procedures with two or more distinct steps and to rapidly acknowledge the evolving market requirements. 

Food and beverage distributors should organise or reorganise their Direct Store Delivery functions to incorporate a mobile route accounting system which:

  • Enhances field staff productivity
  • Augment the distribution logistics with powerful routing
  • Enhances inventory routing
  • Equips the route staff with end-to-end sales tools
  • Makes certain safe transaction settlement
  • Easily connect to the current back-office systems. 

In addition to reducing distribution and merchandising costs, van sales software in UAE of the highest technological level will streamline delivery receipt and payment processes and bring new chances for sales to your route staff. Essentially, the best van sales software is something which is built-in at every user level and offers practical details for instantaneous insight and doesn’t merely produce diverting and worthless data. 

Van Sales Software in UAE by PromptTech 

With Van Sales POS Software, businesses have a unified, completely integrated POS billing solution for handling orders, payments, contacting consumers, and route planning. This solution was developed to accommodate handheld computers from the beginning; software is an important component in the present competitive world. 

Integration of the Software and delivery system allows increased business discernibility, sales, and customer assistance possibilities. We can help your business grow efficiently and rapidly by providing a custom system based on how you want it used.

Modules are incorporated gradually for extra operations to instill growth. 

  • Analytics and satellite-based radio navigation systems can be used to understand your business level. 
  • Final report
  • Quick Proof of delivery recall.
  • Foreseeable sales orders
  • Data retrieved as soon as possible at your office.
  • Update on the status of delivery
  • Route optimisation
  • Your clientele is becoming more familiar with you personally

Understanding the Features of the Handheld Device 

When Office and Field Operatives decide not to participate in the Van Sales System, your staff can focus on offering exceptional customer service.


  • Drivers can make the calls better with a suitable delivery schedule.
  • Prompt customer report
  • Error-free stock management
  • Works without internet
  • Some customer order suggestions can be automated.
  • Automatic invoices of delivery sent via mail
  • Provide pricing, discounts, and offers
  • End of the day report
  • Detailed customer profile

Van Sales Software can be customised as per clients requirements.

Ours is a holistic solution for all your requirements. It monitors the truck drivers, makes certain that they are taking the right routes and reduces travel cost per delivery. Via opening the app, it’s possible to monitor the order placed by someone and check the inventory. It eliminates the necessity for an additional person to keep an eye on all these details. The sync status of the app lets all to sync on one app itself and offer a new report. 

Our solution helps in monitoring the sales return, sales per shift as well as offer a rate edit feature when it comes to a modification in the order. This adaptability in the solution lets you work more versatility with the consumers not getting concerned about the calculations. It assists in receiving sales return against the past bill as well as in the invoice to cash process. You simply need to add the relevant data. 

Deploying the solution is easy and the UI is fast to adapt. It also encourages environmental sustainability. There is another feature called e-billing in it, and it reserves in your cloud. Thus, it eliminates the need for printing. With this solution, not just your resources are optimised, but your products and delivery vans are secure. 

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