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The market share of the restaurant apps has been significantly growing in recent years, that makes a demand for the restaurant mobile app development.
The use of mobile app technology helps the restaurant owners to solidify their presence in the market as well to promote their brands online.

The benefits of restaurant app development

There are several reasons to invest in building a mobile app for your restaurant. A few compelling stats from the restaurant industry shows the value of being mobile-ready:

  • Consumer behaviour.
  • Ever-growing adoption of mobile devices.

Restaurants must embrace the potential that mobile apps represent for their businesses. The restaurant owners adapt to mobile and have an advantage over it.

The benefits a mobile app can offer your restaurant:

  • Would boost your restaurant brand and customer engagement.
  • Brand awareness serves an essential component of any marketing strategy.
  • The excellent service, a gorgeous interior and awesome food can create word-of-mouth buzz about a restaurant.

These aren’t enough to get the most out of your existing customer base and reaching new customers.

An app has the great potential to market your restaurant to a large number of mobile users, increase your restaurant’s visibility, interest new visitors along with returning guests, help you to improve processes, encourage people to eat at your restaurant regularly and make your restaurant accessible.

The better payment processing

The benefit of mobile payments offers convenience to restaurants and their customers. Customers directly pay for their orders through the app. Processing payments directly through the restaurant mobile app would free up employees from critical tasks, boost the restaurant’s productivity and increase the number of orders.

Increasing the bookings

Customers could reserve tables with online bookings, without even calling your staff to have a real-time estimate on the number of guests they’ll have. This would access your workload, distribute staff, and complete meal prep accordingly.

You would get the insight of rush hours and peak hours. This allows you to send out promotions to fill your restaurant in quieter periods.

Builds loyalty

Customer loyalty makes a restaurant successful. Excellent customer service and high-quality food aren’t enough to retain, earn and increase the customer loyalty.

Customers should be rewarded for their loyalty. Make your guests earn points for specific actions, track and redeem these points for free menu items. You can reward brand ambassadors, loyal customers, frequent guests with complementary dishes and special deals.

The effective way to get customer feedback

Get instant feedback from customers on your decor, food, atmosphere and staff to improve your services by identifying and eliminating weak spots.

Gathering feedback and making necessary improvements regularly for the customers to see that you care and thus keep up with your competitors.

Key features to incorporate in your restaurant app

The Menu

List of drinks and food accompanied with prices and pictures is the basis for any restaurant app. Present your menu in various and simple ways.
Organise your menu items with categories, so the users easily find the dish. Guests must be able to add items with ease.

Online orders and pre-ordering

The online orders with smartphones would cut the time down to only 45 seconds. This makes the order much faster for the customer and facilitates efficient and convenient interaction between your restaurant and visitors.

The online ordering simplifies the order process, makes your service attractive and reduces the wait time. Depending on the restaurant offers, users can place orders for pick-up, eating in or delivery.

The menu customization

Customers may have special preferences or food allergies. Provide the restaurant visitors to add or exclude ingredients or choose the main ingredients by them.

Payment process

Your app can connect to the users preferred method of payment like Paypal, online banking, Apple Pay and Android Pay for convenient payment processing.

Table booking

The guests would appreciate to book a table prior and have it available when they arrive. This reduces the long wait times for tables and would benefit the customer before planning their evening.

The geolocation capabilities

When you have a restaurant chain serving customers in different countries and cities, the geolocation features help your customer to find your restaurant.

The push notifications

Push notifications allow easy communication with your customers. They can find discounts, exclusive offers, new menu items, special promos and upcoming events without opening the application.

The loyalty programs

You can develop the long-term customer relationships with the use of loyalty programs.

Two common ways of structuring a rewards program

The Points : customers can collect some amount of points and redeem them as rewards.

Use of Instant rewards : customers would receive a reward whenever they finish a specific action.

The Ratings and Reviews:

Allow visitors to share their true reviews about their experience, feedback, thoughts on service, restaurant and food.

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