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Out of 200+ programming languages, it is always a stir in your mind to pick one and start learning and using it. You need to know the trends for a software development company to choose among the many programming languages. Knowing which languages top the list can always keep you one step ahead in the job hunt.

In this short read, we want to help you pick the best programming language to boost your career as a developer. Developers must learn the most popular programming languages to advance their careers. Here is a quick explanation of the levels and types of programming languages and the methodologies used to gauge the popularity of the programming languages.

Programming language levels

Each programming language’s functions, syntax, and keyword structure are unique. Following are the different levels of programming language.

Low-level languages

Low abstraction is provided by low-level programming languages, machine code, or assembly-level languages from the set of instructions for a computer. Low-level language programs are not portable and cannot be read by humans. Assembly, BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, and C are a few examples of low-level programming languages.

High-level languages

Strong built-in abstractions in high-level languages simplify problem-solving. These languages result in programs with no bugs. Codes for high-level languages are independent of the type of computer. These are user-friendly languages. Furthermore, such languages are simple to learn and keep up with. Examples are Swift, Java, PHP, C#, and other high-level programming languages.

Now we shall get into the details of the best programming languages that are used in a software development company for application development.


JavaScript has continued to gain popularity over the years since it was developed to create the first dynamic websites. Having said that, JavaScript is now the programming language with the highest demand across the board. The introduction of TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript with type safety, may potentially aid in reaching this milestone. In recent years, TypeScript’s popularity has only grown. Like Angular or Nest.JS, many recent JavaScript frameworks are entirely written in TypeScript.


Python has steadily advanced to take second place among popular programming languages by 2022. Its versatility, which covers everything from programming to managing servers to data processing, has enabled this achievement. Python’s popularity soared when major tech companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Khan Academy started using it as their primary programming language. Python is capable of a wide range of tasks, from straightforward scripting to complex web applications and artificial intelligence. Google’s TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning platform that is friendly to Python.


One of the oldest and most popular programming languages today is Java. Java is the best programming language for DevOps, virtual reality, big data, mobile chatbots, and continuous integration. Most mobile markets dominate Android, with Java as the primary programming language. The tech stacks of well-known firms like Airbnb, Google, Netflix, Instagram, Uber, Amazon, and Spotify include Java. Since most companies want to create mobile applications for their goods or services, Java developers are in high demand.


A more complex variant of the C language is C++. To create straightforward operating system applications, programmers frequently utilize C++. Additionally, C++ aids in creating robust mobile applications.

For the creation of websites, video games, machine learning, and data mining applications, C++ is frequently employed. Programs execute more quickly with C++ than with any other programming language.


A general-purpose server-side programming language called PHP is used to create dynamic and interactive web pages. With its sophisticated features, PHP can be incorporated into HTML and assist users in creating straightforward programs.

One of the simplest and easy-to-learn languages to learn and use if you have little to no prior web development expertise is PHP. Additionally, it works with all the popular operating systems, including MAC OS, Windows, and Linux.


Due to its simplicity of use compared to Java, Kotlin is one of the programming languages that Android developers choose. Because it works with Java, developers can pick up where they left off on a project. They are not necessary to begin coding from zero.


A “typed” version of JavaScript, TypeScript was made available by Microsoft in 2012. A superset of JavaScript, TypeScript supports JavaScript apps and libraries. Advanced TypeScript capabilities, such as type-checks, offer rapid validation and guarantee that the programs typed are error-free. To support greater editor interaction, Typescript adds additional syntax to JavaScript.


Go is a new language that Google only invented 12 years ago. In an era of multicore, networked machines, and massive codebases, Google created Go to increase programming productivity.


Learning the right programming language is the primary step to enhancing career opportunities and growing faster. You can work from home in high-growth, high-paying remote software positions with reputable web development companies.

By actively placing them with leading companies to undertake cutting-edge work, learning the top programming language aids developers in establishing careers rather than revolving door gigs. When opportunities are in line with a developer’s abilities, goals, and aspirations, they become available. We hope that the article is helpful to choose the best programming language.

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