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The Future of the Retail POS Industry

Over the past ten years, retail POS software has developed from employee-tended terminals by the exit to self-service checkout kiosks where customers may complete a transaction without assistance from staff to effective tools that engage customers at several touchpoints. The variety of retail point of sale systems available today may allow for a POS experience anywhere the customer’s requirements may be. 

Retailers must act quickly and adjust to these new trends to optimise client purchases and stay competitive. By examining the five most notable trends, we will analyse the future of the retail POS sector in this blog post.

Cloud-based Technology

The term “cloud” is more common in modern technology. The use of the internet to automatically store and exchange resources or data is referred to as “cloud technology.” These files are accessible online to users on any device.

Retailers may effortlessly view their store transactions or sales data from any device, wherever they are, with a cloud-based retail POS software. This has become a part of many small and medium-sized enterprises’ daily operations. By employing a cloud-based POS billing system, retailers may easily access their store data in real-time and update their software across all locations (if necessary).

Cellular Payments

With an increase in smartphone users, more people are using e-wallets to store their credit card, debit card, and even loyalty card information. You wouldn’t need to carry around a bulky wallet or worry about leaving your cash, credit cards, or ID at home because all this information would be stored on your smartphone. E-wallets occasionally come with extra benefits like promotions and cashback prizes.

We are getting closer to a cashless environment where transactions can be completed at the click of a button as e-wallets, and mobile payments continue to rise quickly. Additionally, the development of POS system apps is also.

Big Data

For a thorough understanding of what is occurring in their stores and how they may improve, many businesses have started to rely more on data and in-store analytics. Thanks to technological improvements, this data is now accessible, enabling retailers to make more informed and data-driven decisions. Data and analytics are used to find potential customers, estimate demand for popular goods, and identify sales patterns.

It is crucial to spend money on retail POS software that enables you to monitor and evaluate your organisation’s performance since the demand for data is greater than ever.

Managing Multiple Channels

Retailers have started providing their products at numerous locations to increase sales. The advantages of creating an eCommerce business are considerable, given the rising popularity of online shopping. For instance, you might expand your audience or keep your store open every day of the week.

This trend has led to changes in POS software systems that make it simpler to create an eCommerce website using your current product range and inventory.

Users of several robust POS systems in the retail POS sector can manage many terminals at various store locations. The data will automatically sync in real-time.

Implement Customer Loyalty Programs

Did you realise that maintaining repeat customers who regularly purchase your goods is more profitable than finding new ones?

A customer loyalty program is the best marketing strategy that acknowledges and compensates customers who regularly use a brand or make purchases from it. Retailers may now gather consumer data to identify and track purchases using the most recent retail point of sale systems.


Retail POS software must adapt to the changing nature of consumer behaviour to effectively fulfil customer expectations and engage customers. In addition to supporting clients, Intel and our community of partners provide solutions that help businesses find new ways to streamline operations, boost productivity, and find new growth possibilities.

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