Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai

Failing to leverage Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai, majority of brands are missing a significant tool for customer engagement.

As per a report by Hootsuite, 80 percent of marketers recognize social media’s worth And the ROI they expect is high since it goes a long way in getting a deeper understanding of your customers and improving marketing activities in other areas. 

However, how do you go about creating a successful social media strategy? Especially when you don’t have the slightest idea of which channel to settle for?

As a company offering Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai, we are frequently asked this question. The number of options out there can make it hard to determine whether your company should develop an online presence with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok.

The following steps will help you choose your social channels:

Social Media Strategy Objective You Have 

Linking your social media channels to your strategy’s overall goals is imperative. You shouldn’t adopt a specific channel. Suppose you do not know why or how a specific channel will assist you in attaining your objectives.

Make the Most of Social Media to Scale-up Brand Awareness

First things first, you need to take into account choosing well-established channels with a wide audience. It’s because this will go a long way to targeting a number of potential customers. In addition, be sure you bear in mind both popular and niche platforms. Especially if you think your target audience are more visually inclined, then Instagram would be the best bet.

When it comes to boosting brand awareness and reaching a larger audience, paid promotion is the best approach. It is possible to target specific visitors using paid advertising. Not just with it but also reach people who are interested in your brand, fit your sales personas. So make sure you do your homework on the best social media advertising options. Advertising on Facebook, for instance, has an excellent track record of yielding impressive returns on investment. 

Scale-up Lead Generation Via Social Media

Marketers seeking high-quality leads should turn to social media. A targeted campaign can draw in potential customers who will be nurtured in your funnel to convert. In a recent survey conducted by eMarketer, 59% of marketers cited social media marketing as their best lead generation tactic. Are you looking for social media lead generation? Then you should know LinkedIn is known for being an industry leader! If it’s via group memberships, crafting targeted ads, participating in forums, or filtering searches with advanced features. Additionally, the CPC associated with Facebook and Twitter ads is significantly lower when compared to AdWords campaigns.

You should engage the social media geeks at the Best Digital Marketing Company in Dubai who are knowledgeable about all social media channels. Depending on the business they can suggest which platform to use. Moreover, we can give equal emphasis to all the platforms.

Which Channels Does Your Target Audience Use?

Perhaps you’ve aligned your objectives with your choice of social media channel. It’s time to determine where your audience is interacting online. Consider a brand with a large customer segment of women in their 70s. In that case, having an Instagram account for your business wouldn’t make any sense. The same is true if you only target men and want to promote your business on Pinterest. This is because the trend shows extensive use of women in the platform.

Social media demographics influence the most successful and impactful social media strategies. Such info will make certain that the platforms you opt for and your strategy, facilitate the most relevant approach. This boosts your likelihood of conversion. 

How to Find Which Channels Do Your Competitors Use?

As important as determining which channels your target audience uses is considering where your competitors are active. An Online Marketing Company can help you navigate this. Based on this, you can gauge industry activity and make informed decisions. Think about the content they post. What kind of content do they post? Is it platform-specific? How often are they posting it? What is the like or share count for their posts?

There are different ways to create successful strategies. This includes insights into how your competitors engage their followers on social media, how active they are on different platforms.

Avail Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai and reap the benefits for your business. Our social media geeks craft a social media strategy that can help you in reaching your marketing objectives.

Leverage Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai by PromptTech!

Once you have picked your platforms, you should go ahead with content planning, crafting and publishing. Perhaps we are prejudiced, PromptTech, the Best Digital Marketing Company in Dubai helps you get this job done. Are you looking for the most effective social media channels for your brand? Reach out to us now, and let’s talk.

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