Revolutionizing Retail Efficiency: Retail Chain’s Success Story With PromptTech's ERP Solution.


A leading hypermarket and supermarket chain with a diverse network of branches in different locations were Facing various
challenges related to multi-branch management, department-specific inventory tracking, cost management, and inefficiency
in operations.

They sought an all-encompassing solution that would help them manage multiple hypermarkets and supermarket operations
ona single platform. PromptTech’s cutting-edge software, designed specifically for the large-scale operation of
supermarkets and hypermarkets, turned out as the perfect solution for their different challenges. It encompassed pluggable
custom modules to suit their requirements, streamlining their complex processes and ensuring operational efficiency.


Why PromptTech?

PrompttTech’s highly customizable ERP platform has an extensive array of business modules that effortlessly accommodated their diverse business needs. Our pluggable custom modules solved the issues in all areas of their operations. The system continues to work both in online and offline mode and provides a tailored stock report for each department. Cost management was made easy with department-specific accounting and profit tracking. Our solution also generates a total report and stock valuation report against each tax registration number facilitating error-free tax calculation and accounts management.


General Manager

“Finding a suitable software solution that glues well with our large-scale operations across multiple branches of hypermarkets and supermarkets was a struggle. PromptTech’s ERP solution is all-encompassing and highly customizable. It Fits well with our business processes allowing us to take control of our multiple branches in a single place..”

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