Transforming Order Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction
for Hazilton General Trading


Hazilton General Trading operates a well-established van sales business in Ajman, UAE. They used to manually collect sales orders directly From customers and then deliver the required products later. When recording sales orders, they sought confirmation from customers through handwritten signatures. This approach was error-prone and often led to missing signatures and order discrepancies. As a result, they incurred significant Financial losses as some ordered items were not accepted by customers upon delivery. To address this problem, PromptTech developed a unique solution for Hazilton General Trading. The solution digitized their order-taking process and Facilitated electronic customer signatures using a handheld device. This innovative approach effectively resolved the problems arising From discrepancies between order creation and delivery.


Why PromptTech?

PrompttTech offered a customized van sales solution tailored to the comprehensive needs of Hazilton General Trading. It was customized with a unique signature option in the sales order window, visible in a PDF preview in the mobile app. The PDF could be sent to customers via SMS or WhatsApp.


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