Transitioning from drowning inventory to
delightful inventory management with PromptTech


A swimming pool maintenance company established in the Middle East, with a vibrant team of passionate employees,Faced challenges in inadequate shelf management and inventory tracking. These challenges resulted in lost sales opportunities and significant financial losses For their business. In search of an optimal solution, they tried various methods, but none yielded the desired results. Consequently, they turned to PromptTech with an urgent need to address this critical issue.

PrompttTech offered a customized software solution with a comprehensive inventory management feature. This solution enabled detailed inventory tracking, allowing them to precisely locate and identify items as required. The collaboration with PromptTech paved the way For successful inventory management, enabling the company to provide reliable pool maintenance services to clients and achieve financial success.


Why PromptTech?

To address the unique needs of the swimming pool maintenance company, we initiated the development of a customized inventory management module tailored specifically to their business. This module enables the display of stocks and corresponding shelf numbers, simplifying categorization and streamlining inventory tracking.


Head of Operations

“ Stocks were disorganized, and identifying their positions on shelves was a real challenge before. PromptTech provided us with an easier and quicker way to track items, and their software offers a user-friendly interface that suits our busi- ness processes”

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