Van Sale Business Gains efficiency and control
with PromptTech Vansale App


Our client runs a well-established van sales business within the highly competitive FMCG industry. However, their business processes were not automated, leading to inefficiencies in various operations. They used Excel sheets for data management which was a time-consuming practice. Additionally, they faced challenges in tracking sales data, Managing their van fleet, and optimizing delivery routes. To address these specific issues and enhance efficiency, PrompttTech provided a tailored van sales business solution that automated their operations and streamlined their processes.


Why PromptTech?

By leveraging PromptTech’s advanced van sales solution, they were able to automate and increase the op-erational efficiency of their van sales operations. The transition from manual operations to automated pro-cesses was easy, as the software allowed For seamless import of existing data From previously used Excel sheets. Our van sales software has a feature-rich dashboard, along with built-in company-specific sales re-ports and necessary customization Features for route optimization.


Head of Sales

“ PromptTech van sale solution really helped to upgrade our business. Automated processes, data control, and route optimization boosted efficiency and control”

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