Managing end-to-end Laundry Business Operations
with PromptTech


A laundry business in India required a software solution that would facilitate multi-branch management. Also, they were struggling with manual operations and relied on Excel sheets to manage their business data. PromptTech offered them an easy-to-use and feature-rich laundry management solution that automated their business operations, facilitated multi-branch management, and enabled the seamless tracking of essential data.


Why PromptTech?

With PromptTech’s laundry management solution, they gain access to a suite of comprehensive features for seamlessly managing various branches within a unified platform. Our solution provides detailed sales reports encompassing sales invoices, quotation-wise sales, wholesale customer outstanding, payment details, and more. Also, by leveraging our cloth creation module, users can effortlessly manage items by adding names, cloth details, images, and other essential information.


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