Optimizing customer experience through
automated billing
with PromptTech.


A prominent supermarket business aimed to elevate its customer experience by sending notifications through WhatsApp during the billing process. They had two primary requirements: firstly, they aimed to view their favorite items from the products at the Point of Sale window(POS). Secondly, they sought to streamline the billing process by sending bills via WhatsApp and notifying customers about bills that were temporarily held during the billing procedure.


Why PromptTech?

PromptTech’s highly customizable solution streamlined the billing process by enabling automated bill generation and delivery through WhatsApp. This not only reduced human errors but also expedited the customer checkout experience. Our system allowed for real-time notifications to be sent to customers regarding bills that were held or required further attention during the billing process.  Also, our retail management solution has a built-in option to add and edit favorite items and view them on the POS window as required.


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