Optimizing hypermarket operations and setting
up an e-commerce store


A hypermarket business with four branches required a software solution that facilitates multi-branch management through a single platform. Additionally, they wanted to establish an e-commerce website to take their business online. Their previously used software had limited scalability and didn’t provide features to manage multiple branches. They can access software specifically tailored for managing hypermarkets with our retail management solution, which caters to the need to handle large amounts of products and facilitates multi-branch management.


Why PromptTech?

PromptTech offers an advanced retail management system tailored to the specific needs of large-scale hypermarket operations. It facilitates multi-branch management and incorporates user-friendly stock transfer features. The product movement module streamlines stock transfers, providing detailed data such as transactions between branches, reference numbers, units, quantities in and out, user information, and branch details. Moreover, it enables the seamless import of stock details across different branches from Excel sheets.

With PromptTech, users gain access to not only an innovative retail management solution but also comprehensive business support services. We provided the client with an easy-to-launch e-commerce website and mobile application. They were able to swiftly launch their ecommerce store with the assistance of PromptTech.


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