PromptTech offers easy van sales management
for a chocolate distribution business


A chocolate distribution business in India required a van sale application to manage its wide range of products. Our easy-to-use van sale application has facilitated seamless product management and provided the necessary features to handle the distribution process. The application has streamlined inventory management and enhanced overall operational efficiency, enabling the business to promptly and effectively meet customer demands.


Why PromptTech?

With our van sale solution, businesses can easily keep track of van stocks, manage various items, and access the required customizations when needed. It perfectly met all the requirements of our client, the chocolate distribution business. By utilizing the built-in van loading, unloading, and van assignment features, they were able to accurately keep track of stock quantities during loading and unloading and efficiently manage van operations.


Operations Manager

“ Tracking our van stocks used to be a real challenge. Thanks to PromptTech's feature-rich application, managing our van stocks has become effortless. It has truly made a significant difference for our business."

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