From Manual to Automated: Revolutionizing Sales Management in the Manufacturing Sector.


Our client has a prominent coconut dryer manufacturing business in India. They used tally software for managing accounts but had no automated billing process.Deciding to upgrade their business, they needed an easy-to-use solution to automate their business processes. PromptTech offered them an user-friendly software solution facilitating integration of the existing tally software and seamless transition.


Why PromptTech?

With our easy-to-access solution that facilitates seamless Tally integration, our client was able to transition effortlessly from manual to automated operations. They can enjoy a plethora of features that enable easy B2B sales management. Additionally, they can manage sales quotations as required with PromptTech’s all-in-one software solution.


General Manager

“We were struggling with manual billing and inefficiency in sales management. PromptTech transformed our manual sales into an automated, efficient process. Also, the billing process is easy and quick with their solution”

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