While most retail businesses, even at small scales have started using extensive POS billing software, there are still shops using traditional cash registers or electronic registers.

The cash registers have a cash drawer, a POS machine to register card transactions. The POS transactions will later be entered manually into the system. But they have limited functionality and hardware integration and is a decent choice if you deal primarily in cash. It will have a lower cost than a full POS solution, it needs less maintenance than the POS.

In contrast, POS billing software will help you manage the store effectively. It is a more elaborate setup and is ideal for most retail business- small, medium and large. Given the current trend of going cashless, POS is definitely a better choice than electronic or traditional cash registers. The more your business handles- stocks and transactions, the more the POS will make your life easier.

Advantages of retail POS billing systems over cash registers

Handle transactions across multiple channels

You can handle payments in cash, with debit or credit cards coupons, gift cards and other vouchers. The POS system also allows handling partial payment in different combinations like cash and card or gift cards and debit card and more.


POS system is secure and has access management and various clearance levels to keep the retailer running smoothly. It is an excellent tool for preventing thrift in retail stores.

Customer Relationship management

It is easy to store information about the purchaser and track their shopping habits. It can be used for customer loyalty programs and other special offers. It can serve as a marketing tool, which is not available in cash registers.

Inventory management, across multiple locations

You can manage inventory across multiple locations, generate barcode as well as read barcodes with the scanner. You can track shipments and stock status to keep your retail stores well-stocked.

More reports

Cash register gives you the basic reports that you need. A POS lets you generate various types of reports and offer a detailed analysis of sales and inventory.


Unlike cash registers, POS billing software is scalable to add more customers, stock, and volume of transaction.

Cloud capacities make it mobile

Taking your business-on the-go has become easy with cloud-based POS solutions. With least infrastructure you can conduct your business. It offers more flexibility in operations.

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