Manage your restaurant from anywhere with PromptTech Restaurant Software! You can now improve sales and profits with a customised restaurant management system – a POS software designed for the foodservice industry. A restaurant management system helps you secure transactions and manage your inventory accurately and generally run everyday processes in your restaurant more efficiently.

Here’re the benefits of the PromptTech Restaurant software:

1. Track down sales item wise

With this software in place, you can track your sales data accurately down to the last item! All transactions like orders, payments, voids, promo deals and expenses & revenues are captured by the system giving you the actual picture.

2. Generate financial statements

The software generate reports is a matter of a few clicks! All transactions are captured digitally & manual errors avoided. Sales data is also synced with inventory and CRM (for customer data) to update their records as well.

3. Better customer service

The best reason to use the PromptTech restaurant management system – making customers happy! The restaurant POS records customer information like name, contact details, and transactions & you can deliver a more satisfying service. Advanced features like online booking & mobile payments make it convenient for customers to place orders and transact business with you.

4. Access data on the go

As PromptTech restaurant management software is cloud-hosted, you can access the system and your data from a web browser. Now you get real-time sales transactions and can track employee performance on the go.

5. Better communication

When there is no proper communication between the kitchen, waiting, and cashier – The result: an angry customer whose order remains unaddressed or improperly billed. When a handheld device is used to take orders, that data is automatically transmitted to the cashier so the right transaction is captured and billing is accurate. The order can also be transmitted to the kitchen as well.

Your restaurant can be an outright success with a PromptTech restaurant management software to help you. You can cut losses to your daily operations with a better-managed employee schedule and inventory. Get in touch with us today!

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