These days, it has become a norm for restaurant to offer free Wi-Fi to its customers allowing them to stay connected, wherever they are. Your restaurant is sure to be appreciated and you will enjoy good flow of guests all the time.

Pros of Free Wi-Fi in Restaurant

More customers, repeat purchase and more profits

Providing free high speed Wi-Fi can help get regular loyal customers. You can easily and effortlessly capture the crowd’s attention, allowing them to work without any interruption. Repeated visits by such loyal customers will mean more profits.

Generate organic advertisement

Your restaurant’s reputation will depend upon proper publicity. Providing free wi-fi zone helps attract people in huge numbers who may be interested to avail the facilities offered and in turn spread this wonderful experience to known acquaintances, friends’ colleagues and family. It will only help to increase number of guests and add to the benefit.

Enjoy powerful brand presence

Strong brand presence is significant in today’s highly competitive environment. Online brand presence can be increased by providing with free high speed wi-fi and it can be combined with proper marketing strategies to work in your favor. Your guests can be redirected to your YouTube videos or website, thus developing potential client base.

Benefit from social Wi-Fi marketing

It is regarded to be a wonderful way to earn huge revenue when compared to other marketing techniques and tools used. This type uses contact details of the customer to market your services. As your customer accesses your wi-fi, he/she is greeted with user friendly approach, thus helping to gather huge number of new users joining your loyalty program.

Cons of Free Wi-Fi in Restaurant

Requires good amount of investment

Offering free wi-fi does require appropriate bandwidth amount for optimum operational speed, which means it is expensive.

Threat to Brand & Guest Security

Potential damage may be caused by hackers to brand and guests due to free wi-fi being offered by restaurants. The Wi-fi device firmware is to be upgraded regularly. Hackers can be real threat on public network for everyone.

Reclusive restaurant ambiance

Quiet ambiance may be experienced at restaurants offering free wi-fi to its guests. Your business can be at risk as guests will be busier with their phones or workstation.

Free wi-fi might wipe out on your ideology as face to face communicating is not encouraged and guests are likely to get turned off and will avoid with time.

Prior to deciding on installation of free wi-fi, consider the type, size of your business and profit margin. You can save your time and money by upgrading to PromptTech Restaurant Management Software

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