When it comes to buying Retail POS software, you are sure to come across dozens of the in the market, with each claiming to be better than the other. However, this is not the truth. The fact is that the needs of different types of businesses are different. Hence, the POS software usage is also likely to be different. POS (Point of Sale) features required by an apparel store are sure to be different from that of a restaurant or a bakery. However, after conducting innumerous researches and surveys, experts have come to a conclusion that POS software meant for any type of retail business is to have varying unique parameters.

Given below are few essential POS features that should be taken into account when buying one for the retail business:

Perform as Inventory Handler: The scalable POS system is to be designed with inventory management software functionality aspects. This allows the staffs to better manage all customer queries associated with product availability. The store manager is also provided with instant availability of MIS using which he/she will be able to evaluate demand-supply.

Provide instant report access: Using POS system software, it is possible to verify register totals in real-time beside detailed payment information. Also is provided instant access to monitor data in real-time report form, allowing you to verify at any point of time and anywhere. Current numbers can also be viewed by the admin.

Quick invoicing and easy checkout: The POS billing software has the ability to checkout items quickly and provide instant billing on purchase. These days, the POS billing software is designed with barcode scanning checkout systems required by retail stores and supermarkets.

Dynamic and effective reporting tools: It is crucial for the POS software to come with user friendly reporting mechanism. Reports should be enabled to be generated according to user needs and there should be available pre-included reporting templates. Essential information should be displayed like:

  • Annual sales & round-the-hour transactions
  • Sales statistics
  • Periodic sales numbers
  • Provide assistance to customer relation team in carrying out Loyalty Programs
  • Product quantity, styles and models

It is the Customer Relation Team (CRT) who is responsible to maintain good rapport with the customers as well as generate new leads for the supermarket or retail store. This requires in-depth knowledge of what’s in demand and why. Studying such aspects, loyalty schemes and programs are designed and implemented by the CRT to collect more customers. The POS software has the ability to assist in project implementation and to offer precise data analytics.

Being connected all the time with multi-branches: Previously, entrepreneurs having business multi-locations found it tough to be in touch with each and every branch. With the introduction of the POS, he/she can enjoy the facility of online admittance which helps the entrepreneur to stay connected anywhere and every time with any of the branches. Retail firms with several branches do find it a useful feature.

Enhance customer experience: When checked out thoroughly, cash registers are no more in vogue in any type of business including superstores and retail markets. The POS comes with the feature to accept transactions from customers from anywhere along with the retail item details, thus helping the staffs to speed-up entire transaction process. This in turn, enables to business to decrease considerably their clients’ wait time, thereby promoting positive customer experience.

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