The features of the POS system can be built for fashion apparel, grocery, fruits, vegetables, mobile store, electronics, bakery shop, jewellery and for all types of retail stores. You can streamline your retail business operations with the Lithos POS. This can manage your whole business operations, responds to the customer’s needs and analyzes your performance.

Retail POS makes your employees to work efficiently. This manages the sales, takes payment, takes orders and prints email receipts using the Retail POS. It is simple and easy to use the POS solution. You can easily train your employees to use the custom retail POS.

There are no additional technical skills required for this. Using retail POS, you can get the reports of best-performed staff, staffs attendance reports and staff-wise sales report.

The POS can work both offline and online. It can also work on iPad, Android and Personal Computer. It is easy to use the user interference. This is suitable for large size retail shops and small-medium ones.

The POS manages your entire inventory in a single place. The POS inventory management migrates products from your old point of sale or through an online store by importing a CSV file without data loss.

We provide innovative solutions to make your business activities to run smoother. This renders to manage vendors, plan purchases, track stock receipts and export record to suppliers.

POS system features

  • Manages schemes and offers.
  • Gives profit reports.
  • Can make stock transfers.
  • Does inventory counts.
  • The labels and barcodes generation.
  • Serves composites and variants.

The breakthrough apps for business take care of your business reports either in office or at home, profits the summary on road. The mobile dashboard apps works well with Android, iOS, Macs and PCs.

  • Easily updates item rates.
  • It works on Browser, iOS and Android.
  • Gives stock alert notifications and reports on business activity.

The POS works offline as it does online. The Lithos POS makes the offline sales by syncing the data immediately, when your internet connection is restored.

Benefits of POS

  • It gives uninterrupted service.
  • This automates the backups and syncs.
  • Gives fully-featured offline mode.

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