Use of Custom POS Software for Multi-Store Inventory Management: The important aspect of any retail business operation is the inventory management. The system ensures your store has the right amount of stock for the particular item. Optimal amount of stocks are required to keep you run out of the stock. This makes your warehouse and storage spaces from filling up. An overstock warehouse prevents you from ordering more of other items.

This becomes more difficult for business owners, who runs a multiple store operation. It is harder to be organized for them. The right use of multi-store inventory management software brings easiness for the business owners.

A point of sale with great inventory management, is the best way to run the multiple store business. It scales and continues to grow your business.

The POS Billing Software gives custom options to the users with inventory management features for minimizing the time spent on keeping track of your products.

The business owners will have products at the given time using the POS automation and optimization process. The Retail POS System can create internal transfers through your stock order features. You have to choose a warehouse or a location to receive the transfer. You can also identify the transfer are internal by checking the appropriate box.

If your order is received at another location, you can navigate your stock receipt section, to create a new stock receipt for accurately marking the successful transfer. You may view the internal transfer reports.

The dispatch notifications is the intermediary step for placing and receiving an order. For internal orders, you have to choose the warehouse and if it’s external, you can opt for the supplier.

Automated store ordering helps the process of items, that are consistently ordered. These orders can be made in the POS or at the backend leading to save your time.

The multi-store operations customize the experience with sales metrics and reporting. The customized retail POS System creates order-level optimization for any unit in your store. With the previous ordering and sales history, the software generates optimal orders with just a click of a button. The price groups are set for the same product based on their location. Retailers can set unique prices for different locations.

The Customized retail POS system scales your business by adding a new location, either it’s online or a brick and mortar store, preferably fast and easy.

When your first location is open, the business doesn’t need to transfer data to open a new spot. By turning on and logging in to the backend of the software, the product data is automatically present and makes the inventory connected.

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