When you are buying a POS system make a well-thought-out process of its careful deliberation. There are some common mistakes you should avoid when you look to buy for a POS system. They are listed as follows:

Hardware and Software compatibility

Most of the retailers mistakenly buy the POS system hardware first, before knowing if the software is compatible or not. This creates a problem when working with the retail POS system later. For an error-free system, you must check for the hardware and software compatibility, before installing it.

Choosing cheaper products

The business owner thinks about the cost of the POS system when they are buying. They choose cheaper products over the costlier products. The price shouldn’t be the only factor when it comes to a POS system. You must consider factors like ease of use, durability, and access to start with.

You have to consider the product’s features as an important account. If the billing POS software doesn’t require the features of your business needs, then it’s not cost-friendly.

Evaluation of the hardware vendor

The retailers purchase hardware on the internet without the knowledge about which company’s products they are buying. This would serve as the costly mistake.

It is important to research and know about the crucial details, whether the hardware providers had any prior retail experience, the warranty offer and efficiency of after-sales service.

You have to know how they repair and handle the replacements. You must know where their physical retail outlet is for the online vendors. When you have to support queries, find out how easy it is to access their support team after-hours and on weekends.

You have to talk to each vendor and learn about their support services. If their support is top-class then you wouldn’t hesitate to pay more for the hardware. An efficient vendor who is knowledgeable will assist you in comparing different products and choose the best model compatible with the business POS software model and the business environment.

Evaluation of the software vendor

The right software vendor is important equally as choosing the right software. Retailers buy their POS solutions based on the features and price without looking who sells the software. It is essential to know if your software vendor had previous experience selling to the retailers.

The experienced vendor would teach you the tricks and tips of the retail billing software you are using that saves your money and time. Most of the software vendors are well versed with their competitors products and list out the key advantages of their POS software over others.

You have to know if your vendors offer one-on-one training programs to learn the software or you can learn through manuals or online training. The personal training session is more desirable. You need to know if your software vendors provide customer support after your office hours too.

POS software programs

You have to evaluate before purchasing the first billing POS software. Most of the POS systems offer some basic functions, and even have hidden costs you might not know until it’s time to pay for it. You can evaluate a few POS systems and compare the features, costs of each and make an informed decision.


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