The customer care business of the Spa and Salon owners serve the truest sense. Clients want to get pampered in a refreshed and rejuvenated place of their spa. It may be a manicure, pedicure, relaxing massage or a simple haircut. Ensure to make your customers feel special in anyways you like to.
While using the software consider to make it accessible from iPads, Smartphones, PCs, Macs and laptops from anywhere and anytime.

Scheduling the appointments at your fingertips

Here comes the popular requirement allowing clients to gain control over the time. The client spends less waiting time by prior booking of their appointment. This makes the stylish of their choice available to them. There comes a tool for business owners to have visibility when their customers come and deploy the staff appropriately.

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The use of automated appointment reminders

This functionality expands the capabilities of the employee engagement and the appointment modules of increasing customers. Customers must be proactively reminded about the upcoming appointments they booked for reducing no-shows. You should give them the opportunity for the customer to reschedule if required. Notifications of the upcoming appointments must be sent to the relevant staff to get prepared and offer your clients a superior experience.

Maximum revenue generation

The revenue collection is the most important step for your business. Usually, the spa owners collect most of the revenue from their service provider, but a portion of revenue comes from the merchandise sales. You must breakdown the figures across various types of product categories and the employees to assess the profit centres. You must accurately track all collected tips to be distributed correctly.

Improve the employee productivity

You must have a good grasp of your employees activity to understand them properly. The system must enable you to monitor and gauge their performance, help them thrive and reward them for their success. The employees should be able to pick up on the system quickly without extensive training.

The real-time Inventory management

The spas and salons carry a special selection of merchandise for their clients. This incorporates the ranges of shampoos and gels to massage oils. You have to keep an accurate track of your entire inventory for the success and bottom-line. Monitor the real-time stock levels, sales, profit margins, best selling items and the employees most engagements in the sales generation. You must get alerted for low-stock levels and the system must be able to place an order with preferred vendors for items which are running low.

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Easy Checkout Experience

The system allows your clients and staff to smoothly checkout during their visits. It takes efficiency to complete a sale, take the customer payment, give them detailed receipt and ditch the extra features. The system should provide an email receipt or printed one based on the customer preference.

Loyalty and the salon client retention

It is easier to earn repeat business from an existing customer than to find a new customer. There are loads of choices for the customers these days. The entry of barriers are low leading to new competition every day. It is extremely important to engage with the customers on regular basis to maintain the brand relevance. You have to segment the customers and customize offers just for them. This tool will help you retain your customers and outshine the competition.

Overview and the insight on comprehensive reporting

When the system is deployed, it accumulates quickly. The customer files, employee records, inventory, revenue tracking and the daily transaction records need to be easy to create and simple for reviewing the graphs, reports and charts. This can provide insights to your operations and guidance for the future growth.

Multi-location business based on cloud-based solution

When your business has more than one location, this system easily scales and provides unified management of all registers and locations. It seamlessly tracks the sales across all locations, allowing employee movement to fit the business needs, track and transfer the inventory as needed in real-time.

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