Overcome the Restaurant Food Wastages: You have to categorize the inventory with priority groups to make you understand the need of the frequent orders. This serves essential to your business yet is slow-moving and costly. The 80% profits comes from 20% of your stock. Segregating your inventories as A, B and C groups, adds benefits.

The A group items are the higher-ticket items used for fewer quantities. The C category items are low cost items that requires more inventory to move quickly. The moderately priced items are B group ones, slower than C items and quicker than A items.

The costs of food fluctuate based on the factors like excessive demand, seasonality, low supply or scarcity. Tracking the items and recording its conversion yields a vital role in the Inventory Management.

You have to report all the product information of your items in the inventory. The Stock keeping unit, suppliers data, bar-code data and the countries of origin must be keep in mind to add on the information source.

The resources and raw materials are mandatory along with all these factors. Majority of restaurants monitor their inventory report manually. The weighing-scale integration along with the inventory management software reduces your energy and time.

Resources allocation and its management becomes an issue for all the organizations. Shelf-life must be maintained for the edible sources of the restaurant. The shelf-life quality and type of the inventory goods requires weekly or monthly auditing.

This allows to track the variance happened in the inventory sales. The non- reliable supplier may cause problems to your inventory. Hence, the restaurant operations depends on the supplier’s performance. If your supplier is late with deliveries and misses out items of your order-list, seek out for a better supplier.

You have to look after a better vendor to keep aware of the market. The small and big outlets requires comparative analysis. You have to track the number of items on paper versus the items delivered to avoid underdelivers.

Try to maintain a good rapport with your suppliers by keeping your communication clear. Food wastage is the wastage of your inventory as well. Understand the actual value of discarded food to manage wastage and control your inventory.

Get proper cold storage for your raw materials, specifically diary and meat products. Use a flooring material will lead to a good grip and not make slippery for avoiding the spillages. The chilling cum storage materials should be maintained regularly. The dry inventory must be kept for bread to keep it moisture-free.

The discarded foods can be given for manure development rather than dumping it as waste. All the mentioned steps could be used only if you track your inventory with a software or the use of Restaurant Management Platform.

A POS system with the in-built inventory management is the best option to compare your inventory data also to compare against the recipes you serve. Ensure to invest in technology to integrate and prioritize the co-dependent systems such as POS connected to your inventory management software.

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