The Apparel POS Software: The modern clothing store requires to have all the modern reinforcements that a clothing store POS offers. promptTech offers the retail operations at the clothing and fashion store much easier with the use of efficient fashion retail software. The fashion retailers can offer an intuitive, seamless and smooth functioning of the retail business with the help of the promptTech clothing POS system.

  • POS compatible billing with the apparel retail software.
  • The apparel enables customer orders and layaway items using intuitive POS software.
  • The multiple payment modes are supported in the same transaction as available in the fashion POS offered by the promptTech.
  • You can allow the credit notes to be redeemed in any store, because the apparel POS software supports the global credit notes.
  • The clothing store POS allows to check item stocks in the nearby stores, with the support of global stock lookup features.

There are Customer Loyalty Programs and Coupons enabled through the Fashion Retail Software. Customer retention is important in any retail business. The retailers manage their business better with the help of modern clothing POS systems, along with the technology to supercharge the customer experience. The apparel retail software carries out the targeted customer loyalty campaigns with gift vouchers, coupons and so on.

The Customer Loyalty is managed through the discounts and point-based schemes with OTP authentication, along with the use of promptTech POS software for apparel stores. The Apparel POS system grants the retailers to give several loyalty and shopping coupons to the customers. You can sell, issue and redeem gift vouchers using the promptTech fashion POS software more securely. The apparel POS software can support the assortment level, bill level and the item level promotions in the same bill.

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