Customers nowadays prefer going to supermarkets than visiting a small store. It may be either an electronic outlet, grocery store, stationery and gifts shop, everyone is facing a day to day challenge.

Do you get in notice why a customer falls for supermarket over a local store?

Discounts and offers

Supermarkets often run offers and discounts on products at the same time they run a loyalty program. The mindset of a customer is to never miss a free pasta sauce with pasta packets.

Available products

The customer can pick and choose any product from the huge availability of products. The customer keeps the favourite brands in their cart.

Easy payments

Nowadays, customers choose multiple payment options like card swipe, paying from m-wallet, redeeming meal coupons or use of loyalty points.

Return the Product

When the customer is not satisfied with their purchased products, there comes an option to return the product within a limited time frame. Nobody likes to be happy for a wrong purchase.

How can POS Billing help a small retail to gear up like a supermarket?

Offer announcement

The POS Billing software encourage their shopkeepers to send offer details to its existing customer through email or SMS. It also runs a customer loyalty campaign to attract many customers and create a strong customer base.

Learn the demand product

The POS billing software gives a ready to view report on your top-selling products that indicates what your customers are looking for. You have to rearrange your inventory as per the product demand. You can replace the deadstock with the ‘hot’ products.

Different payment options

Your customer can be comfortable to pay in different options rather than cash. You can accept debit or credit cards as per their convenience. The POS Billing would support all kinds of payments and gives you the perfect transactional details.

Product Return

You have to accept product return from your customer after verifying the invoice details. On the accord of business policy, you can simply return the amount or accept the returned product in exchange of another product.

When you get your customer base and sales strength, it would be easier for you to open your supermarket.

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