The coronavirus crisis has bought a huge impact across the globe. It has made the Restaurant industry to become innovative.

The most of the business had shut down their operations, the restaurants opted to make a lemonade from lemon by adopting the takeaway and delivery options rather than sticking to dine-in.

The impact of the restaurant industry post-COVID-19 scenario

Before COVID-19, your customers would have explored the various types of eateries and ambiences that the restaurant industry offers.

What about the current situation now? Do you feel customers are ready to dine-out like before? The answer may be “NO”!

Even when they do, they opt for cleanliness, hygiene and safety guidelines.

Adapt precautionary measures
  • Taking precautionary measures is highly important.
  • Hang posters highlighting the precautions executed at your restaurant.

This creates a sense of trust for anyone visiting your restaurant.

Importance of hygiene and sanitization
  • Need to assure your customers the prepared food is hygienic.
  • Put up guidelines about handwashing on your kitchen and dining area.
  • Recommend the usage of masks, gloves, and a cap during every step of the delivery.
  • Have sanitizers and wipes at all times.
  • Place disinfect in the restaurant for every half hour.
Use temperature checks
  • Perform temperature checks of all your delivery personnel as they leave and return.
  • Check the visiting customers too.

They get in touch with several customers. So, taking care of their safety would be your priority.

Adapt safety measures of food supply vendors
  • Wash everything before using the ingredients, spices, and vegetables, that are used at your restaurant.
  • Ensure your food supply vendors are taking safety measures at their place.
Revision of table placements
  • New table arrangements and partitions with a 1-2 meter distance seating spaces are adapted for physical distancing.
Digital menus and online orders
  • Touch-free menu is the new practice chosen for.
  • You may opt for a QR code digital menus and an online ordering option for your guests.
Fresh food menu
  • Prepare “freshly cooked food.”
  • Its time-consuming, but surely prevents the wastage of food and makes your place hygienic.
Disposable crockery and cutlery
  • Disposables prevents the spread of this virus, making a no-touch journey to your guests.
  • You have to move towards using good quality disposables.
Prevent excessive crowd
  • Prepare yourself to match your guests’ expectations. This is done by avoiding the crowding and queues outside your restaurant.
  • Have a proper 2m markings in the waiting area. This makes your guests to maintain a safe physical distance.
Promote takeaway, delivery and curbside pickup
  • Adapt takeaways, delivery as well as curbside pickup options. This help customers to enjoy your delicious meals at their homes.
Digital bills
  • Share the bill through email, SMS or WhatsApp and go paperless.
  • Install WhatsApp Business and have an official email address for your business to share the bill with your customers.
Cashless payments
  • Opt for a complete digital payment mode for your guests like Paytm, Google pay, credit or debit card, UPI, and so on.
Be active on social media
  • Social media platform has 95% of your guests to be active. As, they regularly refer to the updates of their preferred restaurants. It’s time for you start now and engage with your guests.

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