Automate your restaurant operations with the right choice of point-of-sale-software

You have to first employ an active restaurant POS system at your chosen venue. This can reduce the cost of hiring the extra staff for restaurant inventory management. It can aid you in your daily restaurant operations. During a shift change, the system helps you to count opening and closing of the stock. It can track the inventory, stock usage as well as performs the real-time updates of the current inventory.

Effectiveness of training your staff

When you have brought the POS software with the automation, training serves to be an essential part of it. Your staff has to master the utilities of POS, either they are the tech-savvy or not. Interact with them on how to save on wastage, apply an effective restaurant inventory management and track all that is coming in and going out. The restaurant inventory management will witness the success through your company processing in revenues. When your staff becomes aware and assure to take care of this, the food wastage or spoilage can be avoided.

Restriction of accessing the data usage

You can secure your restaurant inventory from the unwanted usage. The staff’s access must be limited to the information, not allowing to their role at your restaurant.

Different types of users can be assisted such as:

  • Owner
  • Managers
  • Waiters
  • Chefs
  • Cashiers

You have to allocate separate credentials for accessing controls to each of them. You can keep a vigil on inventory, eliminate thefts and wastage by tracking their activity using a POS system.

The method of First-in, First-out (FIFO) for inventory usage

Your staff can line-up the restaurant inventory based on their expiry dates, their In-time at kitchen and dispensing their inventory as per the FIFO rule. The ready-to-serve food dishes that have been cooked for each day must be taken care of.

In the meantime, ensure that:

  • The food item isn’t undercooked or overcooked.
  • The food item is tasty and served fresh.
  • A rigid plan must be implemented to consume the perishable stock.
  • You have to track the monthly or weekly orders to set the storage limit accordingly.
  • You must update the storage quantity of the raw items that are not used on your restaurant software. The unconsumed food can be disposed of or donated.
  • Your servings must exhibit the highest quality that compels your guest to return.

Set the storage limit

You have to keep a restraint on your storage by using a point-of-sale system rendered for the food inventory management. The minimum and maximum storage levels must be defined to keep the inventory fresh like an edible state.

Ensure you never run out of stock while your focus is on other aspects of the restaurant management. The storage spaces such as kitchen, store, serving floor and the warehouse must be kept clean and tidy. Regular fumigation once per week is mandatory before stocking up.

Your store manager can maintain the temperature as per the requirements of the food stock such as meat, vegetable, fruit, ingredients and spices. This eliminates the wastage by posing the best practices in the inventory and stock management.

Regular checking of inventory in portions

It ain’t an easy task to do a complete restaurant inventory check every day and night. It may be frustrating, time-consuming and prone to errors. Miscalculations may happen, while you are serving the dine-in orders or taking care of delivery orders. You have to avoid such instances, to execute a cycle count as a routine. This makes the scrutiny of the inventory in the division, when taking care of the ongoing movement or usage of items.

Your staff does not need to stay the extra hours at the per day closing on the accords of the cycle count. You can tally the existing stock on hands and items consumed, that gives a clear idea of your restaurant’s inventory consumption.

The maintenance of the original taste of the menu

The biggest challenge lies in maintaining the original taste of your menu. Consider focussing on your recipe management, by configuring the recipe with your restaurant POS system. You have to be competently able to segment your dishes. This helps your chief in keeping your menu taste intact by keeping a check on the stock and inventory for preparing the ordered items at your outlet.

Tracking and approval of inventory requests

You may frequently come across a few unfamiliar entries of your restaurant inventory consumption report. You have to set up a process that gives a request when your staff wants to consume the stock, so you can approve it accordingly. The software keeps track of all inventory requests that serves you in the forefront.

You would receive a request when your chef wants to use a list of items. They will only able to use when you approve it. Likewise, there won’t be any stock misuse or inventory elimination missed from your eye.

When you or your store manager authorizes the purchase orders, they would be sent ahead to your vendors. You may not require to take care of all the items that had been received in suitable conditions. When you find something is wrong with the order, ensure to report it to your vendor instantly.

Maintaining the inventory rates of overheads

There are several overhead costs involved while purchasing the inventory and stock from the restaurant inventory management. Your purchase amount would get flexible with time, hence you have to update your item rates at your restaurant preferably. Your production, management and overhead costs must be covered with a regular sell, based on setting the menu item rates appropriately.

Items transfer from one outlet to another

You should opt to transfer your unused inventory to other outlets where it can be used well. You must be given an option of shifting the food items to another outlet through the use of restaurant software. The centralized storage usually helps in the proper inventory distribution to the multiple outlets. You can exchange the inventory items with your fellow restaurateurs, what seems a waste for you may be useful for them.

The backup inventory is a must

There may be a high guest influx more frequently at your restaurant, if you are well-known at your locality.

There comes a vital point, where you have to store an emergency stock of the frequently ordered items at your outlet. This is said as a backup inventory for saving you from the reactions of disappointed guests. Ensure to keep a limit on your backup inventory too, or else it may get wasted in a big time.

Inventory stock up as per your menu

There may be seasonal menus settings at your eatery. Some of the items may be available at a particular time, others may be all the year-round. It is good to keep an eye on your changing menu items, as well as be agile enough to pile up your stock and inventory accordingly.

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