There is umpteen number of ways to make money online! A reseller business is a great option that can open up new venues for first-time entrepreneurs. PromptTech, one of the leading software brands provides upgraded digital solutions for small and medium business groups has launched a software reseller program to boost up your income.

What is a Software Reseller Business?

The reseller business model allows you to resell products bought from software manufacturers to customers. It’s affordable, and as a reseller, you’re essentially the middleman between the manufacturer and customers. You’ll have an extensive selection of products to choose from & your business can scale up to other niches without sending time or additional cost to develop a new software. But just like any other online business idea, a reseller business requires a lot of patience and commitment.

Reselling PromptTech Software

If done right, software reselling can speed up profits for both developer and reseller. Just try it out yourself, once, to ensure it is a resilient product that you feel good about selling, and also help you properly position the benefits to your target audience.

Develop a unique selling proposition to stand a cut above other resellers of that software out there. For example, you could rebrand or white label the software with our help, PromptTech offer training or value-add services in addition to the software, etc.

PromptTech is a top custom software development and IT-consulting company that serve diverse verticals like Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Boutiques, Retail, Laundry, Optics, Spa, Clinics, Grocery & many more. With innovative software products. As a reseller of PromptTech Software all you have to do is try to understand your target customer base, develop an effective marketing strategy, and execute your software marketing plan. You will certainly do right. We are there to help you out. Good luck to you!

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