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E-Commerce Website design can significantly impact the customer’s experience. 38% of users would cease to use a website, provided that its design isn’t aesthetically appealing. And more than 48% of users consider website design crucial in determining the trustworthiness of a company. As layout is one of the major elements in turning your e-commerce website into a success, here are a few of the best practices you can adhere to. Like in the words of Alina Wheeler, a branding consultant- “Design is the manifestation of intelligence,” let PromptTech aid you accomplish that. 

Responsive Design 

As per the Report by Similar Web, a digital intelligence platform, over fifty-six percent of all traffic to top websites comes from smartphones. 

These statistics underscore how crucial it is for your e-commerce website to be attainable not merely on PCs, but on tablets and smartphones too. 

Responsive design lets your website adapt to the device from which it is viewed. Every aspect of a website, such as pictures, videos, or written content will be lined up in a manner so as not to interfere with the customer experience. Having a responsive e-commerce website will aid you to offer an excellent customer experience.

Homepage Design 

Your e-commerce site’s primary page is essentially your shop front. It sets the tone in the mind of the users on your business, what you offer and whether they need to transact with you. 

Imagine the homepage in the same way you behave when it comes to brick and mortar stores. If you notice a store having a welcoming, visually appealing storefront, you would be more inclined to enter and speak with the staff there. Whereas, if it happens that cleanliness or tidiness is in question at the storefront, you would avoid it.

An excellent homepage design can:

  • Establish credibility with your customers via outstanding communication. Your homepage should right away convey a sense of trustworthiness, relevance in your domain and the need to narrate a story that strikes a chord with your customers. 
  • A captivating first impression that captures the attention of your audience and keeps them interested. It can be done easily through a strong message, a background video or a remarkable banner image, whichever you prefer! The homepage needs to grab the attention of your audience instantly, particularly as the attention spans are shrinking. 

Product Pages

The core objective of an e-commerce website is to sell business offerings. Owing to that, the pages that showcase business offerings have a huge effect on if the business offering ends up being bought at the end. 

Creating the finest product pages requires expertise, and should comprise the vital elements that turn it great. Such elements include:

Images of the Business Offering: To display a business offering as best as possible, you should click remarkable photos of it. Factor in product photography can aid display your business offering at its best. Be certain that you include top-notch product images to wow your audience. Product videos are added by few e-commerce websites as well, that can bring your products to life. Based on your budget, prefer images/videos. 

Description of the Business Offering: After you have caught your visitors’ attention with your product images, they will be curious to understand more about the product by checking out the product details. Make certain that the description states the advantages the business offering offers, and not merely lists all the features. Build an emotional connection with the audience via the words in the description. 

Design of the Shopping Cart Pag

All around the e-commerce website experience, a shopping cart page is something that is constantly available. Regardless of which level of the purchasing journey a customer is presently at, they must constantly be able to choose the View Cart icon on the design and view every item that they’ve chosen in a perfectly organized way. 

It is crucial to keep in mind is that a shopping cart must let the customers do precisely what a real shopping cart would let them do. They will be able to add/delete items, view prices, redeem any discounts and get an idea of when the products will be delivered to them. 

Search Functionality 

One of the elements that make shopping in a brick and mortar store and e-shopping is the ability to search for products. Shopping in a physical store doesn’t necessarily let you find what you are after right away. However, when it comes to e-shopping, customers can merely seek an item through the search bar. This graphical element is similar to a search engine inside your website. Therefore, be certain that the search bar is ideally placed and prominent every time is the key.   

Design of the Checkout Page 

The checkout page is the final page prior to a user shops on an e-commerce website. This page can either convince them to complete the purchase or put them off, therefore it’s very crucial. Payment options should be a part of the page. The page must not let them purchase anything without first filling out all required fields. This is to prevent the situation in which the customer shops something but fails to add the address to which the product needs to be shipped or any other circumstance that may result in a disappointing customer experience.  

Another vital thing you should keep in mind is that the page must encourage customers to fill in each and every required field, however must not erase details filled in before since this can likely aggravate them making them work beyond what is required to check out.

Out of Stock Products 

In order to monitor low supply or soon-to-go-out-of-stock products, your website needs to be integrated with an inventory management system. The products that will be unavailable soon must be clearly marked on your product pages, to keep customers and inventory specialists informed. For products that run out owing to the high demand, you need to flag them as out of stock and preferably, specify the date on which it may be available again or provide a choice for the customer to enter their email address and receive an email when it becomes available.


A design should develop aesthetics that also reflects your brand visually. The colours you adopt, the words you adopt, the images and videos you adopt and the navigation experience you offer, put everything into action for your brand. 

Making certain that there is uniformity in your website’s appearance across all marketing channels is critical. As a result, many brands create colour/design palettes explicitly listing the colour codes and shades utilised, and consequently, no misunderstandings occur while speaking with web developers and designers.

Case in point- When it comes to Apple, you automatically imagine a white half bitten apple on the black backdrop, when you imagine McDonald’s, you picture the letter M on a red backdrop, etc. 

These colour combinations are ingrained in your customers’ minds even though they don’t realise it. In a way, it is an implicit expectation related to branding, therefore ensure you live up to it.

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PromptTech is a full-service digital solutions company instituted in the year 2014 with operations in both Dubai and India. We specialise in Web Design and Development Dubai, custom POS software, Digital marketing, mobile app development, and the like. With extensive years of experience optimizing digital landscapes in Dubai for Small to Medium enterprises, we have the most seasoned and adept designers and developers, digital marketing experts in the industry. Get in touch with us for E-Commerce Web Development Dubai. 

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