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Key Steps In Mobile App Development

In today’s world most of us spend a lot of time using mobile phones. It has become the quickest way to be in touch with customers and connect with people. Developing a mobile app for your business is a sure way to stay ahead of the competition and provide your customers with the best experience possible. Mobile app development is an extension of software development. It involves the process of creating software that can be run typically on mobile phones, tablets and other hand-held devices.

The key steps in mobile development process are mentioned below


The initial step in the mobile app development phase is choosing the best idea that is a great fit for your business. You need to have a clear idea on who the target audience is and develop an app unique from your competitors. Your app needs to have a unique selling point and serve your customers needs in a better way. Also ensure that you have the right amount of resources such as money and time in order to commit to the mobile development process.

By conducting market research you can understand the real demands at the time and modify your idea accordingly. Once you are set on the idea, build a wireframe for your app which acts as a blueprint and displays the design and functionality.

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In this phase the idea generated is properly structured and the realisation of application is done. The key features in this phase are an appropriate development environment, developing different parts of code, preliminary testing and creating applications that can be installed and tested. The three significant stages in the development process are back-end, API & front-end.

Back-end: This component includes a server-side and database that are utilised to support the operation of the mobile application.

API: Application programming interface specifies how components are interacted in an application. This implies that it is coded to carry the interaction between the application and back end server.

Front-end: It is also called client-side programming and includes features that the users can see on the screen.


The following are the important phase in the testing stage

1.  In the Documentation testing phase all the deviations and features are checked to ensure wholeness.

2.  Functionality testing ensures that the software is performing in accordance with industry standards.

3.  Usability testing is conducted to assure that the software provides a user-friendly browsing to all the customers and generates an interface that is aligned with industrial standards.

4.  The user interface testing (UI) phase ensures that the graphical user interface is performing accurately to meet all the needs specifications.

5.  Compatibility testing checks configurations of operating system, browser, device, database, network and so on.

6.  Performance testing is of different types. It includes load testing, stress testing, volume testing, stability testing and more. It tests the mobile app’s consistency and response to a particular load.

7.  Security check is conducted to identify any potential threats like virus, unauthorised access and hacking attacks. This phase ensures the security of the mobile app.

8.  Certification testing ensures that the app is in compliance with all the essential requirements including licensing, terms of use, industrial standards, and Windows, Google Play Store and App Store conditions.

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Once you test the mobile app and ensure that it is bug free you can launch it on the App Store for iOS devices and Google play Store for android devices.

Support and Maintenance

Your mobile app requires constant support and post-launch maintenance once it is up and running. You need to ensure that the end-user is getting continuous support in case any challenge arises. To maximise downloads of your mobile app, provide your customers with the best experience and fulfil their requirements.

Once you have launched your mobile app the next crucial step is marketing it. It is important for your target customers to know about your app. Take advantage of the power of social media and utilise all digital media tools in order to promote your app.  People will get a quick view of your app through this, and you can highlight the important functions in your app that will make their life easier.


The steps mentioned in this article may seem like a complicated process but can be made easy with the right skills and experience. With the aid of mobile app development services from the right team, the best app development software and the skills of experienced developers you can make this journey as smooth as possible.

You can kick-start your mobile app development with PromptTech. We start the process by discussing all the essential aspects with our clients, determine the team members and make recommendations to develop the best mobile app suited for your business. You can enjoy this journey from development to effectively launching the app in the marketplace and timely maintenance with our services.

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