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ORM in Digital Marketing – How it helps your brand identity

Running a business has never been easy. Customer satisfaction and staying up with branding trends has made it all the more complicated. As a business owner you might have come across many positive and negative customer feedbacks. No matter how much you try, such instances come up every now and then. It is a part and parcel of business. But remember, your brand is only as good as your brand’s identity. This is where Online Reputation Management comes to your help. With the right strategies you can ensure that your brand’s identity is here to flourish.

What is ORM in digital marketing?

Online reputation management services is a process wherein you take charge of your online conversations. You keep a close eye on the image that you portray on the internet, so that they receive only the right information about you and your businesses. The main purpose of following ORM strategies and techniques is to maintain a positive impression about one’s business, create a balance, to track down misleading remarks and make sure only the right content reaches their potential customer. 

Why is ORM critical for your business?

As we all know, technology has advanced and so have our consumers. Also, the internet today is one of the most influential spaces where customers discover new brands. This can be of great advantage for a business who has successfully maintained a positive online presence. With the internet, it has become easier for customers to search for information and reach out to brands. Following an effective ORM strategy and technique can help you find new customers and retain existing customers. A lot of our branding happens through happy customers sharing their experience with the world or through word of mouth. 

But what happens when an angry customer shares their view on the internet. It will surely grab more attention. Online reputation management services help you tackle such negative reviews and win back your almost lost customer. It gives them a reason to trust you again as a business. 

How does ORM benefit your business?

ORM makes sure that you put your best foot forward. It is essential for your brand’s identity that positive reviews and content stay high on searches as it will help you counter negative feedback. Here are a few benefits of ORM in digital marketing.

1. Improve sales – Positive content about a business builds trust in the customer. With the right ORM in place you can maintain your business’s online reputation even for contents that appear on the search engines. As happy customers tend to promote our brand and product to others, the customer base plays a key role in increasing sales. 

It is not always possible to keep every customer happy and there might be a few hiccups here and there. But timely management of such instances can save you from losing a customer and keep your brand’s identity intact. In case, you are on a practice of ignoring or deleting negative feedback it will definitely be of no help. As you are sure to look scammy if all the comments on your page are positive. It will look staged and customers will turn out to be suspicious about your brand and products. Though it is highly tempting to delete such messages, a better approach will be to respond to these feedback. This will help you rescue your brand from the potential damage the negative message could have on your business.

2. Brand awareness – Online media is a powerful tool to spread your brand identity across a wide range of people. Positive customer feedback can take you a long way. ORM in digital marketing helps you make your brand stand out for its merits. Many times it is possible that you get associated with or share a similar brand name. With a continuous ORM effort you can help customers identify you for your products or services and rescue your brand from getting lost in the crowd. 

Also, keeping track of and responding to comments or mentions of your brand can boost its visibility. Both positive and negative reviews draw attention and hence it is essential that we as a business respond to both. It builds a sense of trust and customers tend to like brands that actively participate in communicating with them.

3. SEO ranking –  With rising brand awareness comes new searches for your business. Yes, circulation of positive information about your business on the internet can also benefit your SERP ranking. As positive reputation guards your business, it also helps you handle positive and negative remarks efficiently. 

ORM helps you strengthen your position in SERP ranking by creating positive content and valid backlinks. As a reputed brand you can easily approach sites and businesses on the internet and gain high performing backlinks.

In a nutshell

Businesses that maintain an online presence engage better with their audience. Customers tend to trust brands that communicate with them directly. As we discussed earlier, nobody is perfect and it is impossible to keep everybody happy at all times. But whenever possible it is always good to engage with your customers one-to-one it will boost their relationship with your business. ORM in digital marketing is an effective mechanism to keep your brand identity’s positive outlook intact and safeguard your business from adverse effects of negative comments.

PromptTech is a complete business solution provider helping businesses grow across the globe. We provide one of the best online reputation management services. Our tech savvy teams provide you with ORM strategies and techniques that will gain you greater brand recognition.

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