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‘Twigs mini’ – The Best Retail Billing Software for Business

Like most businesses, the advancement in technology has affected retail businesses extensively. In order to survive in a turbulent business environment, retail businesses need to stay up to date with modern technology and provide customers with a memorable experience. Twigs mini is an all-in-one retail POS designed specifically for SMEs to aid them in achieving business goals and maximizing profit. Twigs mini is suitable for all kinds of retail businesses including groceries, boutiques, van sales and textiles. It is an efficient billing software for businesses equipped with handy features to carry out a variety of retail business functions. Streamlining retail operations is easier than ever with Twigs mini retail POS.

Here are 7 incredible benefits of Twigs mini that make it the best retail billing software for business.

Maximize profit and Productivity

Serve customers in a quicker, easier and more profitable manner with a retail management system like Twigs mini. Manual data entry and calculations are reduced. By automating your business operation, your business will be well organized and you can make more quicker and accurate decisions.

 An advantage of digitising your business software is the reduction in manual error. For example, the use of a retail management system will help in automatically updating the entry in inventory data whenever there is a sales or sales return allowing you to have accurate information about inventory all the time.

Reliable and multi-functional POS

Twigs mini is a user-friendly billing software for business supporting a variety of business functions. Generate instant invoices and enjoy an individual customer tracking facility with Twigs mini. Easily add product details, quantity and mode of payment for billing purposes.

Key features of Twigs mini include

  • Single window operation
  • Customizable theme
  • One-click bill settlement
  • Integration with accounting software

Better Customer Satisfaction

Retail billing software like Twigs mini is beneficial in simplifying a lot of business operations related to customers. Customers don’t like to wait in line and one of the key benefits of using Twigs mini is that you can scan items and complete transactions quickly. There by offering fast, efficient and reliable service you can provide a wonderful customer experience, exceeding their expectations and they would want to return to your store again and again in the future. With better customer satisfaction there will be an increase in customer loyalty making it easier to keep current customers and attract new customers.

Easy to use Retail billing software

Twigs mini is an efficient retail management system providing you with a simple and easy-to-use software facility. Create, manage and edit business information effortlessly including product details, price groups, offers, payment cards, and employee details. Store your business data and transaction details and retrieve them at your convenience with the cloud services that come with Twigs mini. You will also get access to product tutorials and auto-update features so that you can take full advantage of our software.

Generate handy reports

In order to create reports related to your business activity, you will need access to accurate information. Creating reports manually is not only a difficult but time-consuming task. With Twigs mini you can generate various reports related to your business automatically. This includes sales reports, purchase reports, ledger reports, stock reports, and tax reports. This allows you to have an overall clear picture of your business and knowledge about the progress of your business. Also, you can implement better sales and process optimization with the help of information generated in these reports.

Daily transaction and tax management

Twigs mini offers access to a detailed ledger report of all the transactions in and out of your business accounts. Therefore you can maintain an accurate report of all the transactions from and towards your business. Also, you can gain a deep insight into different taxation groups of products with the help of detailed tax reports generated with Twigs mini.

Supplier, Sales and Inventory management

Twigs mini aids you with various functions related to purchasing, sales and inventory management. For example, you can generate a list of items required in your purchase order, add and delete items at your convenience with the help of Twigs mini.

Automatically deduct items in inventory that are returned to the supplier. Twigs mini facilitates the option of manually inspecting the inventory by letting you edit any stock count differentiation.  Manage sales easily by keeping track of daily sales and the items returned to your store accurately. This will enable you in making improved decisions related to sales, provide discounts and offers on the right product and aid in better promotion strategies.

In a nutshell

Retailers can opt for retail billing software to replace a physical cash register, make well-informed decisions, streamline the customer experience and business operation. Twigs mini is the best retail POS, curated especially for SMEs to manage their business functions like supplier management, invoicing, sales and accounting efficiently. Provide your customers with the best possible experience with PromptTech’s Twigs mini.

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